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1976- 1977 Appointed Doordarshan News Cameraman by Lucknow, Kolkota, Mumbai, Madras, Srinagar Centers :: 1977 Shorts Films bought by Doordarshan :: 1979 Awarded Seven Optical Films :: 1984 Nomination For National Awards :: 1984 Best Colour Film Assigned along with Satyajeet Ray, Basu Bhattacharya :: 1985 Appointed Advisors to Govt. of Uttar Pradesh (UPCN Ltd) :: 1985 Appointed Chair man Exhibition Committee :: Managed 40 Govt. Cinema Theatres :: 1986 Appointed Convenor of Film Policy. Committee :: Assigned in1988 Dying Arts Series II :: 1989 Hrishikesh Mukherjee approved Empanelment as Producers & Directors :: 1992 First National Programme Prime-Time Serial from Uttar Pradesh :: 1993-1994 Telecast of Best Telefilm Titled “Teesri Beti :: 1994 -1995 First Radio Serial by independant Producers Broadcast in Vividh Bharti :: 1993-1994 8 films of 240minutes duration Awarded by Doordarshan :: 1994 Revival of film Festival and Naushad Awards :: 1998 Revival of Film Policy :: Constitution of UP Film Development Council :: Founder Member 1999 Film Policy Declaration :: 2000 Historical Speech in UP film Board Council :: 2003-2004 Designed, Conceived, PG Diploma, Course in Electronic Media :: 2005 Approved and Patented Fusion Course “Diploma in Electronic Media and Films” by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India New Delhi :: 2006-2007 Concieved, Designed, Developed and Created Study Material of the Course of Electronic Media& Films for Govt. of U.P.Rajshri Tandon Open University,Allahabad.

1980- Four films for Delhi TV declared of exceptionally good quality :: 1992- Preeti Khare cross over to cinema, Makes to “Devdas” :: 1992- Arun Bali cross over to cinema and mega serials :: 1993- Kanwaljeet high on demand after release of National serial “Bano Begum” :: 1993-1994 SM. Zaheer goes National, enters Mumbai serials and high on films :: 1993-1994 Legendary Manohar Singh goes to Feature Films and Mega serials. 1997-1998 Scenes from Bano-Begum Teesri Beti Raas Leela Nauntanki Bajrangi-Naurangi Surajmukhi Andheron ke Changing Moods of Consumers in Rural India


(A)   Founder
Raj Krishna Mishra

1. Entertaiment and Electronic Media Advisor

OBJECTIVE:  Expert for Planning,Production and Management of Films.Channels,Mega Serials.Capable of giving turn-key Projects from detailed operata.Specialisation in Film Production and Management,Fixed Point Chart,Time,Spot,Revenue Strategies,improvement of Product Mix of Channels with particular reference to News and Current Affairs.

2. PRESENT POSITIONS   (1)Advisor in renowned Studio Complex in Film City (2)       Dean Student Welfare,Story&Writing Department of Asian Accademy of Films&Television,Asian School of Media Studies,Asian Bussiness School,Film City Noida.(3)President & Advisor, Institute Of Creative Study,Mumbai (4) Founder and member Faculties Board of Electronic Media and Films Production dept of Sociology University of Lucknow (5) Ex-Member. IJ.P.FiIm Development Board (a State Govt. undertaking) (6) Conceived,designed,developed and created Post Graduate Diploma Course of Eletronic Media and Film Production for the University of Lucknow and PG Tandon Open University,Allahabad. (7)Working President Lucknow writers Association (8) President Film and TV Producers Council(All above present positions are honorary.


(i) ELECTRONIC MEDIA:  News Cameraman, Independent Producer Broadcasting Corporation of India, having written produced and Directed News Programmes. Quickies. Short Films, Documentaries, Telefilnis, Serials, Current Affairs Programmes, Research based projects and Family Welfare Programmes with 5000 minutes of i’elecast in the National and Regional Channels including 1100 minutes of Exhibition Time for Special Programmes in remote area of the state.

(ii) ALl INDIA RADIO:  Written Produced and Directed Serials and other Programmes.
(iii) PRINT MEDIA: Written, edited and published news letter magazine titled “Political Register” now being launched on internet.
(iv) INTERNET & CABLE TV:  Deviced, designed and launched cable TV operation in the name of satellite cable TV in 1991. Conceived and developed internet portal consisting of Twenty channels.
(v) FILM MANAGEMENT: (a) Advisor to the Govt. of U.P. Film Development
Corporation (b) In-charge of Forty Cinema Theatres owned and serviced by the Govt. owned Corporation (c) Chairman, Film Exhibition Committee (d) Convenor: High Level Govt”s Film Policy Committee (e) Member. (U.P.Film Development Board a State Govt. undertaking.

4. CREATIVE LITERATURE   Senior Writer, having written Eleven novels The first short story of eminent litterateur Raj Krishna Mishra was published in 1957. Upon its publication,it created sensation and  was translated in other languages.”Kya Hoga”, Dharkano Ka Raag”, ”Kafan Ke Liye”, ”Aina”, ”Danga”, “Wapsi”, “Chalan”, “Curfew”, were some short stories that were 5published in sixties.In 1973 the first Book entitled “Kamna Ka Chitij” was published.The words sketches in this book written on the pattern of “Geetanjali” of Rabindra Nath Tagore and famous international writer Khalil Gibran.
In 1981 the first Novel and,first part of triology was published, after years of research.During preceding years the writer went for determind research on Political atmosphere and Political methodology.On the completion of research in 1975 the first draft of the Novel was prepared.Threafter several drafts were made.In 1976 emergency was imposed due to which progress in writing the Novel suffred a setback.However in 1978 Novel titled “Darulshafa” was re-written followed by the third draft.At long last Novel’s Triology was completed in 1995 although two of three Novel of Triology were published in 1981 and 1983.The first being “Darulshafa “and the second “Council House”in 1983.The Novel “Darulshfa secured instant success creating sensation in entire Literary circles.The Novel was virtually launched by Five Top literary Personalities known as :-

  1. Amritlal Nagar  (2)  Sri lal Shukla  (3)  Dr.Vidya Niwas Mishra  (4) DR. Vishnu Prabhakar  (5)  Dr.Dharamvir Bharti

Slowly and discreetly the Novel titled “Darulshafa”crossed the regional barrior and became a National debate.The Novel was hovering in the minds of all and Sundry.Numerous stories,commented and appreciated by critics and creative writers alike the Novel became a rage.It was perhaps symbolic awakening as if entire intellectual and literary world was shaken by the lucid writing of the inside story of the Political world.

5. STAGE SHOWS Written Produced Directed stage plays under NGO “Abhivyakti”.

6. ACADEMIC EDUCATION Graduate from the university of Lucknow.

7. PROFESSIONAL COURSE : Pursued P.G.Diploma in Business Managements from All India Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management under University of Calcutta.

8. Distinction:(a) Conceived, Designed, developed and implemented P.G.Diploma course in Electronic Media and Films Production.
(a) .Nominated for the National Film Awards on the official entries of Doordarshan.


Film policy of Uttar Pradesh was conceived, designed & implemented by Raj Krishna Mishra in 1984, then advisor to the Govt of UP.

HIGHLIGHTS  1976- 1977 Appointed Doordarshan NewsCameraman  by Lucknow, Kolkota, Mumbai,  Madras, Srinagar Centers.  1977 Short Films bought by Doordarshan. 1979 Awarded Seven Optical Films. 1984 Nomination For National Awards , 1984 Best Colour Film Assigned along with Satyajeet Ray,  Basu Bhattacharya. 1985 Appointed Advisors to Govt. of Uttar Pradesh (UPCN Ltd), 1985 Appointed Chair man Exhibition Committee. Managed  40 Govt. Cinema Theatres. 1986 Appointed Convenor of Film Policy. Committee assigned in1988 Dying Arts Series II. 1989 Hrishikesh Mukherjee approved Empanelment as Producers & Directors.  1992 First National Programme Prime-Time Serial from Uttar Pradesh. 1993-1994 Telecast of  Best Telefilm Titled “Teesri Beti. 1994 -1995 First Radio Serial by independant Producers Broadcast in  Vividh Bharti. 1993-1994  8 films of 240minutes duration Awarded by Doordarshan. 1994 Revival of  film Festival and Awards  1998 Revival of Film Policy Constitution of UP Film Development Council founder Member 1999 Film Policy Declaration.  2000 Historical Speech in UP film Board Council  2003-2004 Designed, Conceived, PG Diploma, Course in Electronic Media.  2005 Approved and Patented Fusion Course “Diploma in Electronic Media and Films” by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of HRD Govt. of India New Delhi. 2006-2007 Concieved, Designed, Developed and Created  Study Material of the Course of Electronic Media& Films for Govt. of U.P.RajshriTandon Open University,Allahabad.

(B)  Organization

Commentators & Contributors were Established in 1974 after the “Political Register” the Newsletter Magazine was discontinued .The Board of advisors consisting of Kapil Verma , Rajya Sabha Member, Surendra Chaturvedi of Navbharat Times, Sudershan Bhatia of UNI , Vidyasagar of Hindustan Times and late Mahedra Mudgal an associare of Uma Vasudev and Vasant Sathe,Ex-Union Minister advised that TV News and film Production Company may be started. Programmers, Sudershan Bhatia, chief of UNI and Surendra Chaturvedi personally went to Doordashan and recommended that Commentators & Contributors be appointed News Cameraman.Accordingly in 1976 after usual test Coverage, Commentators & Contributors were appointed News Cameraman  by Doordarshan Kendra Luck now followed by Kolkota , Mumbai ,Madras, Srinagar.

Professional Experience:  Have been functioning as an independent Producer of Doordarshan and All India Radio, having written, produced and directed programmes to the tune of 36 hours approximately.Produced.The Commentators & Contributors produced  serials and research based programme such as Dying Arts Series. The Sponsored programmes written, produced and directed by Commentators & Contributors generated over 20.75 million rupees. Some of recent productions include Radio Serial play titled "Bano Begam" Telefilm titled "TEESRI BETI", TV Serial "BANO BEGAM" and Dying Arts series including "BHAGAT" "SWANG", "NAUTANKI" and "SARANGI".

Commentators & Contributors were responsible for launching  in Doordarshan, having sound and picture in the same  film strip. In 1979 Doordarshan Kendra Delhi, opened  Film Section with the Four Optical films in B&W assigned to Commentators & Contributors. When Doordarshan switched to colour, Commentators & Contributors  were assigned "Raasleela" in Eastman colour in the same costing committee in which other two colour films were assigned "Sadgati" to Satyajeet Ray and "Anveshan" six episode serial to Basu Bhatacharya.
Commentators & Contributors were included in first three serials that were assigned to outside Producers.Commentators & Contributors were included in the National panel of Producers and Directors drafted by Zutshi Committee headed by Hrisikesh Mukherjee. Two films Produced by Commentators & Contributors were nominated for the National Film awards, as official entries of Doordarshan.
In 1992 for the first time, from the state of Uttar Pradesh, Thirteen episode TV serial produed in 16mm colour, was telecast at 9 P.M. Prime slot in the National Programme of Doodarshan.
Telefilm titled "Teesri Beti" was an instant hit and was declared as the best Telefilm Produced since 1987 when the concept of tele-films was started.Six Programmes produced were adjudged as of exceptionally good quality, ably conveying the message contained in the script.
Research based serial on "Dying Arts" was assigned to Commentators & Contributors. At present six tele-serials are in the pipe line.

 Distribution and Exhibition:
Commentators & Contributors were appointed as Full Time Advisor by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.  Once attached to U.P.Chalchitra Nigam Ltd., Commentators & Contributors were made Convener of Film Policy Committee notified by the Govt. of U.P. and Chairman of Film Exhibition and Planning Committee responsible for the Management of Forty Cinema Theatres scattered all over the state of Uttar Pradesh.  Film Policy G.O. was issued in 1984 upon the persistent efforts made.  Commentators & Contributors was instrumental in getting the resolution passed by Motion Picture Association, New Delhi, for bifurcation of U.P.- Delhi cinema Territory.  The Motion was carried to IMPPA, Bombay after Motion Picture Association of Delhi passed it.  Consequently as on today, totally new, "Gorakhpur" Cinema Territory consisting of 18 districts has been created and from this territory Bhojpuri Pictures are distributed.    Commentators & Contributors was also instrumental in making efforts to convert U.P.C.N. Ltd.  into Profit making organization.  In doing so highest ever record turnover was achieved in June, 1984.  Thereafter fixed point exhibition progamme with rare feat of distribution arrangements created ripples in the distribution trade in Chandini Chowk, Delhi.  Commentators & Contributors in course of double tenure of film Advisor created complete shooting infrastructure, programmed Profit making exhibition network, thus taking over distribution trade for 40 theatres, as also created self generating film financing, production, exhibition and distribution.  Commentators & Contributors submitted plan for the commencement of cultural and Film activities consequent to which Naushad Award and Film festivals were held.Commentators & Contributors initiated the revival of Film Policy formulated, developed in 1994.  Thereupon a meeting of Film Policy was held in the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary.  The Chief Secretary among other things decided to formulate an advisory council including Commentators & Contributors, former Advisor to U.P. Govt. attached to U.P.Chalchitra Nigam Ltd., as founder Member.
Trade Bodies:
(1) Indian Documentary Producers Association for over Twenty years (2) Video Film and TV producers Association (3) Film Writers Association (4) TV News Producers Association (5) U.P.Film & T.V.Council.



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