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                         Commentators & Contributors were Established in 1974 after the "Political Register" the Newsletter Magazine was discontinued.  The Board of advisors consisting of Kapil Verma, Rajya Sabha Member, Surendra Chaturvedi of Navbharat Times, Sudershan Bhatia of UNI, Vidyasagar of Hindustan Times and late Mahendra Mudgal an associate of Uma Vasudev and Vasant Sathe, advised that TV News and film Production Company may be started.  Programmers, Sudershan Bhatia, Chief of UNI and Surendra Chaturvedi personally went to Doordarshan and recommended that Commentators & Contributors be appointed News Cameraman.  Accordingly in 1976 after usual test Coverage, Commentators & Contributors were  appointed News Cameraman by Doordarshan Kendra Lucknow followed by Kolkata, Mumbai, Madras, Srinagar.

Professional Experience:-        
                                             Have since 1976 been functioning as an independent Producer of Doordarshan and All India Radio having writen, produced and directed programmes to the tune of 36 hours approximately, including Prime Time National Programmes.  The Commentators & Contributors produced serials and research based programme such as Dying Arts Series.  The Sponsored programmes written, produced and directed by Commentators & Contributors generated over 20.75 million rupees.  Some of recent productions include Radio Serial play titled "Bano Begam" Telefilm titled "TEESRI BETI", TV Serial "BANO BEGAM" and Dying Arts series including "BHAGAT" "SWANG", "NAUTANKI" and "SARANGI".

            Commentators & Contributors were responsible for launching optical film making movements, in Doordarshan, having sound and picture in the same negative film strip.  In 1979 Doordarshan Kendra delhi, opened Film Section with the Four OPtical Films in B&W assigned to Commentators & Contributors.  When Doordarshan switched to colour, Commentators & Contributors were assigned "Raasleela" in Eastman colour in the same costing committee in which other two colour films were assigned, "Sadgati" to Satyajeet Ray and "Anveshan" six episode serial to Basu Bhatacharya.

            Commentators & Contributors were included in first three serials that were assigned to outside Producers.  Commentators & contributors were included in the National panel of Producers and Directors drafted by Zutshi Committee headed by Hrisikesh Mukherjee.  Two films Produced by Commentators & Contributors were nominated for the National Film awards, as official entries of Doordarshan.

            In 1992 for the first time, from the state of Uttar Pradesh, Thirteen episode TV serial produced in 16mm colour, was telecast at 9 P.M. Prime slot in the National Programme of Doordarshan.

            Telefilm titled "Teesri Beti" was an instant hit and was declared as the best Telefilm Produced since 1987, when the concept of tele-films was started. Six Programmes produced were adjudged as of exceptionally good quality, ably conveying the message contained in the script.

            Research based serial on "Dying Arts" was assigned to Commentators & Contributors.  At present six tele-films are in the pipe line.

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